Are your HR Operations "Frankensteined" ?

It's a normal and natural progression for a company to add software to its HR system as the company grows.  Each new functional need requires a new piece of software to be added to the mix.  And slowly... over time... a monster is developed.  An HRIS monster made up of various programs, manual spreadsheets and data; which has to be imported and exported with each new analysis or report needed.  We refer to this as a Frankensteined HR.

Even though the system functions as needed, if given the chance to look back with the gift of hindsight, most HR professionals would never have planned to build their systems in this way.

Does this sound like you?

At Cimplx, we solve these challenges.  Our modular software platform streamlines Payroll, Timekeeping & every HR function.  Its modular... but unified.

  • One database
  • One Log-in
  • One call for support
  • And reporting and exporting of data is world class

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Next Steps...

If you find, like many other professionals, that your systems have grown over time into a "Frankensteined" solution, we can help.

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