Quite Honestly, it doesn’t have to be a struggle like that.

Cimplx’s Matt Mikkelson being  interviewed by Gregg Stebben of Forbes Books for the SBE Council.  Great interview, we are very proud of Matt and you can hear his pride for Cimplx and all we do!

This is a follow up interview associated with our previous blog article, Cimplx Invited by White House to Executive Order Signing in Charlotte – Multi-Employer Retirement Plans .  The interviewer, Gregg Stebben, was connected by Karen Karrington, CEO, SBEC, to the Trump EO signing and afterwards had requested to interview some of the attendees.  I dont know how the interview could have turned out better.  Matt and Gregg did a great job and we are proud to play it for you in the video below.


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